Title of the project: Healthy Cyberstudio Employees
Recruitment number: RPSL.08.03.02-IZ.01-24-337/19
Priority axis: 8. Regional staff of the knowledge-based economy
Action: 8.3. Improving access to prophylaxis, diagnostics and therapeutic rehabilitation that makes it easier to stay in employment and
return to work
Sub-action: 8.3.2. Implementation of professional activation by providing appropriate health care — competition
The main aim of the project: to eliminate health risks in the workplace by equipping workstations
with more ergonomic equipment and conducting training, for which the need has been
identified as part of the Analysis. Workers are at risk of suffering from health problems resulting
from prolonged work in a sitting position, work that is eye-straining and requires high mental activity. Employees are
exposed to stress related to the quality and timeliness of work and contacts with Clients. The risk factors identified
during the analysis will be minimized by equipping workstations with equipment limiting the negative effects
of long-term work at the computer in a sitting position, and thanks to the training in work ergonomics, employees
will be able to introduce prophylaxis against negative health factors themselves, which will improve their health.
Planned results: purchase of ergonomic equipment (82 pieces) and its assembly at workplaces, as well as training
employees in work ergonomics.

Project value: 85 749,87 PLN
Co-financing from European Funds:PLN 72,887.38
Realization: from 01-10-2020 to 01-05-2021

Short project description

The project aims to implement a program aimed at eliminating health risk factors, taking into account training activities at Cyberstudio Sp. z o.o .. Thanks to the modernization of workplaces, factors causing health ailments in employees, such as e.g. back pain, headaches,
wrist pains, problems with circulation and respiratory system. Employees will be trained to deal with adverse health risk factors identified in the context of work in order to limit their
negative effects on the body. The program will cover the Company’s workers under an employment contract regarding minimum
part-time job. As part of the project, workstations will be equipped with ergonomic equipment, in accordance with the needs
shown in the analysis, they will include adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, monitors that are safe for the eyes and flat keyboards.
The program will be implemented for 4 months at the applicant’s premises in Katowice.

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