E-business is creating relationships with Clients

When starting an adventure with e-business, we should answer a very significant question — what is e-business? Industry literature cannot give the answer unambiguously, which can only mean one thing — it is a field that is constantly growing and it offers new development prospects.

The difficulty with precise definition of the concept of e-business consists in the constant changes resulting from the development of IT technologies. Currently, e-business may be defined as conscious actions of a company that aim to use the Internet’s benefits. The components of these actions are e.g. activities done in terms of e-commerce and e-marketing.

Positioning of websites and advertising on Facebook
Positioning of websites and advertising on Facebook

Modern e-business in practice

Advantages of e-business:

  • Creating long-lasting relationships with the Client.
  • Constant interaction.
  • The opportunity to build the image.
  • Quick response to crisis situations.

What is worth remembering about?

Currently, more and more companies decide to start their operations based on the company’s strategy and its image on the Internet. These activities can be named as modern e-business, in which the entrepreneur is aware of the value and profit of an effectively conducted campaign in social media combined with positioning in search engines and a well-created website.

E-business is about creating relationships with customers, and with the help of monitoring, we may have constant access to opinions and comments regarding our activities. The Internet is also a source of valuable information that Customers often give unknowingly while interacting with us. It is therefore undeniable that with the entry of a company into the world of e-business, our approach to running the company will irreversibly change.

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