What are CRM and ERP used for?

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is responsible for managing the resources that are inside the company. It consists of several smaller modules thanks to which we can easily manage the entire enterprise, including accounting or the sales department. All modules are connected with one database not being dependent on each other at the same time. Frequently, the ERP system is a desktop application that we connect to the company’s internal network.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps us manage data related to our contractors. CRM can be one of the modules of the ERP system, but while being more complex it can also operate separately. CRM facilitates the organization of the tasks of sales teams or marketing departments. Thanks to it, we are able to generate sales reports or payment confirmations, as well as reach potential Customers. CRM allows us to analyze Customer behavior and makes it easier to implement marketing campaigns. Regarding the effective management of this type of data, we can react quickly and effectively to crisis situations.

CRM and ERP systems and software for companies
CRM and ERP systems and software for companies

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Advantages of CRM and ERP systems:

  • Collecting large amounts of data.
  • Simple data analysis.
  • Quick launch of marketing campaigns.
  • Reaction to crisis situations.

What is worth remembering about?

Managing a company is a very demanding job that may be significantly facilitated by using IT systems that help us not only with the organization of work, but also with making important decisions. Such systems include ERP and CRM. These are modern solutions that we use to collect a large amount of data and, in the future, to their easier analysis and presentation. The main difference between ERP and CRM is the type of analyzed data.

Both solutions may work in the cloud and be a useful web application for us. Using their benefits, the operation of our company will effectively improve, and by having all the necessary data collected in one place, there is a possibility to quickly react to the surrounding industry situation. The use of the latest solutions is characteristic for companies that care about effective development. Also the largest enterprises have convinced many about the effectiveness of ERP and CRM systems.

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