At Cyberstudio, we prioritize innovative and reliable technological solutions that support the development and efficiency of our projects. One of the key tools we utilize is Oktawave – an advanced cloud platform offering a range of services that perfectly cater to the needs of modern web and mobile applications. Below, we outline how Oktawave supports our activities across various technological aspects.

Oktawave is designed for high performance, flexibility, and security. By choosing Oktawave, we gain access to cutting-edge cloud technologies that enable us to create scalable, efficient, and reliable applications.

Efficient database cluster

Oktawave provides an efficient database cluster that enables processing of massive amounts of data in real-time. This ensures smooth operation of our applications without delays, crucial for delivering high-quality services. At Cyberstudio, we leverage this technology to develop advanced analytics systems, e-commerce applications, and other solutions requiring high availability and reliability.

Scalable object storage

Scalability is one of the key aspects of modern cloud solutions. Oktawave offers scalable object storage, allowing flexible management of data regardless of its volume. This enables us to quickly and efficiently adjust our resources to meet client needs, which is particularly important for dynamically growing projects. Whether you require storage for a small application or an extensive corporate system, Oktawave provides us with the necessary tools for effective management.

Lightning-fast storage

At Cyberstudio, we recognize that access speed to data is crucial for ensuring excellent service quality. Thanks to Oktawave's ultra-fast storage, our applications operate lightning-fast, resulting in better end-user experiences. By leveraging this technology, we can create and deploy high-performance solutions such as advanced transactional systems, streaming platforms, and extensive SaaS applications.


At Cyberstudio, high service quality and reliability are the cornerstones of our operation. Oktawave offers SLA guarantees (Service Level Agreement) that ensure our services are available and operate according to the highest standards. This gives our clients the confidence that their applications will run continuously, regardless of circumstances. Guaranteed levels of availability and technical support allow us to focus on development and innovation, knowing that Oktawave's cloud infrastructure will meet all requirements.

What are the benfeits?

At Cyberstudio, we choose only the best tools to support our commitment to creating innovative and reliable solutions. Oktawave is a key element of our infrastructure, enabling us to deliver services at the highest level. With efficient data clusters, scalable object storage, ultra-fast storage, and SLA guarantees, we are able to meet the demands of even the most challenging projects for our clients.

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