Bagisto is an advanced, open-source e-commerce platform built on the Laravel framework. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, Bagisto is ideal for a variety of business models (including B2B, B2C), as well as multi-vendor and multi-inventory.

The platform is an effective tool for companies looking for a dynamic and future-proof e-commerce system that can be easily adapted to specific needs.

Is it for you?

1. Small and medium-sized enterprises 

The platform is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that want an advanced e-commerce solution without the high costs associated with licensing. With a large user community and support, Bagisto is also attractive to companies looking for reliable and continuously developed software.

2. Dynamic brand development

Bagisto avoids the limitations imposed by closed e-commerce systems. Thanks to its open architecture, it is possible to modify the code, add new features and integrate the system with other tools. The platform also supports multilingualism, allowing sales in international markets, and offers support for different payment methods and currencies.

Discover the possibilities of Bagisto

Bagisto offers a wide range of functions that enable the comprehensive management of an online shop. This includes:

  1. management of a product catalogue with the possibility of creating various attributes,

  2. support for multiple currencies and languages to facilitate international sales,

  3. advanced stock management, including support for multi-warehouse,

  4. an order management system, including various payment and delivery options,

  5. extensive marketing tools such as coupons, discounts and promotions,

  6. integration with popular payment and shipping systems,

  7. responsive design, providing an excellent user experience on a variety of devices.

What do you gain?

1. Open source: no licence costs, ease of adaptation

2.Scalability: ideal for companies of all sizes

3. Flexibility: easy integration with other systems

4. Support for multiple languages and currencies: international sales

5. Modularity: ability to add and remove functions as required

6. Extensive marketing functions: promotions, discounts, coupons

7. Advanced stock management: support for multi-warehouse

8. Community and support: continuously developed and updated software

Meet Bagisto functions

1. Multi-vendor marketplace - turn your online shop into a marketplace where vendors will offer their products. This will allow your customers to choose from a variety of purchasing options from multiple suppliers, increasing the the number of conversions on your website.

2. Multi-store inventory - connect your Bagisto shop to multiple inventory sources to easily track and manage them from one place.

3. Product SEO - complete product descriptions with the right headings, titles and keywords to ensure they appear at the top of searches.

4. Search by image - provide customers with a smooth and fast product search by image.

Meet Bagisto functions

5. Core Web Vitals - optimised Google Core Web Vitals at a high level for your e-commerce shop, essential to ensure a proper user experience and high SEO quality.

6. PayPal smart button - provide customers with a simplified checkout experience with the PayPal Smart button, offering global and local payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, etc., suitable for your country.

7. Access control level - create different levels of access for administrators or agents and assign dedicated roles with permissions to manage the day-to-day business operations of your e-commerce shop.

8. Insights report - get detailed information on your customers, orders and product sales to create effective marketing campaigns and track your progress.

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