At Cyberstudio, we focus on the latest technologies that enable us to create advanced and efficient web solutions. We use various frameworks and tools to tailor our services to the unique needs of each client.

Each project is unique to us, so we ensure that the selection of technologies meets the specific requirements and business goals of our clients. With advanced tools and methodologies, we create modern, intuitive, and responsive applications that delight users and bring tangible business benefits. Discover how our approach to web technologies can support your business growth and provide a competitive edge.

Laravel PHP Framework

Modern web technologies allow us to choose the right solution depending on the specific needs of each client. One of the most popular web technologies is undoubtedly the Laravel PHP Framework. It is an open-source programming language that has been one of the most popular technologies for many years and continues to facilitate web development.

Its significant advantage lies in its popularity and open nature. As a result, it is continuously developed and used by a wide range of specialists. If we were to point out the most frequently used web solutions, Laravel PHP Framework would undoubtedly be among them.

Yii 2x PHP Framework

This web solution belongs to the group of highly efficient technologies used for rapid development of modern websites and web applications. As the name suggests, it is based on the PHP language, which means it can be used to create any web product.

At cyberstudio, we gladly utilize this modern web technology to create sophisticated web applications such as content management systems (CMS), e-commerce stores, service websites, and many others.

Symphony PHP Framework

What is PHP Symfony? It's a popular open-source PHP framework known for its flexibility and functionality, making it a top choice for building high-quality web applications.

Its automated testing system is a significant advantage, allowing early detection and resolution of code errors. This saves our developers a lot of time and, consequently, our clients' budgets.


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework primarily used in the industry for building user interfaces in web applications. One of its key features is the ability to integrate additional components and tools that optimize its use in client projects

This solution is favored by startups, medium-sized companies, and major players such as Netflix and Wizz Air.


React, or React.js, is another technology with roots originating from Facebook. This web solution was created by one of the employees of the Silicon Valley giant. The technology is primarily used for building dynamic interfaces in web applications. Initially, React was intended to be used exclusively within Mark Zuckerberg's platform, but today, like other modern web technologies, it is available in an open-source model.

In cyberstudio, we utilize this technology, among others, when creating application interfaces in industries such as education, fintech, and e-commerce.


TypeScript is becoming increasingly popular among developers, and we also use it at cyberstudio. This web solution extends the capabilities of the well-known JavaScript. We have features such as easier error detection in code and new data structures at our disposal. Thanks to its popularity, TypeScript has a large community of developers creating new libraries, allowing for the addition of new solutions to existing projects.

The main goal and advantage of TypeScript is its operation on a stronger type system for JavaScript. This allows developers to define types of variables, making it easier to create large, scalable applications.

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